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Montserrat Project
SAICon S.A., as an Architecture and Engineering studio, together with Arts and Fashion Monserrat Association, and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires share the goal of increasing the value of the 16-block urban area, creating a unique cultural and trading center for fashion and arts, the only project in Latin America based on New York Soho.

At the first stage of this important project, the valorization of the Museum of Fine Arts of Monserrat was carried out, reforming the fašade and maintaining its historical architecture, installing the lighting on the fašade of the building, conserving all the installations of the museum with masonry repairs, paint, electric installation, carpeting, etc.

We are working on the design and conservation of the buildings involved, reinsertion of theme bars, lecture centers, re-adaptation of public highway, Loft buildings, keeping the historical value of the original constructions of this peculiar textile neighborhood.

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